Algo Pasò en el Alma

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It’s the life of two young street clowns that succeed in transforming their life thanks to art.
Tintin and Cafú are present every day in the street. One is a carpenter and the other a chicken seller; two artists of Aymara origin and their bohemian souls doing their daily work… They have always lived in the city “El Alto”, in the Bolivian plateau, at an altitude of 4,000 m. They are friends from childhood, members of the theatre troupe “Trono”, who share the same view of life, utopias and dreams.
Scenes, varying from the everyday to the fantastical, show the real and imaginary world of these artists; they mark a transition within a process that is artistic, sensitive, human, sincere, intimate, creative, liberating…
The soul of these two clowns reveals a society that is both beautiful and cruel. The film recounts a unique journey: ancestral places and surreal images, surging from passion and the magic of art. It’s a film about people who save lost causes with their hearts. A vision, a struggle, resistances… It is the awakening of the soul.


Winner of Ibermedia Fund 
Supported by CNAC Fund in Venezuela



Rosana Matecki

Produced by

Rosana Matecki

Co-Produced by

Giorgia Lo Savio

Writing Credits

John Doe

Casting by

John Doe

Film Editing

John Doe
Robert Clue
Ted Latos


Judith Hoffman · Michelle Harrison · Donald Garcia · Linda Miller · Jeremy Fisher · Keith Hamilton · Glenn Fleshler · Megan Ferguson · Dash Williams


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