Only When I Dance Emma

Only When I Dance Emma

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GENRE: Feature Documentary

DIRECTED BY: Beadie Finzi
PRODUCED BY: Giorgia Lo Savio & Nikki Parrott


Only When I Dance is a classic narrative documentary following two young teenagers, Isabela and Irlan as they strive to realise an extraordinary dream. One girl, one boy; both black and poor, and living in one of the most violent favelas on the outskirts of Rio. Irlan and Isabela both want to dance – to dance ballet and their ambition is to leave Brazil to join one of the great companies in the North. For them, dance is the way out, an escape, and on stage, an ecstasy, that is rarely found in their day to day lives. The question is, can they make it? Only When I Dance follows these two gifted teenagers during the year that will make or break all their future dreams.


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UK December 09
US July 10


Tribeca Film Festival 09
Edinburgh International Film Festival 09
Vancouver International Film Festival 09
Sheffield Doc Festival 09
Rio International Film Festival 09

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    • AFI/Silver Doc Film Festival 2009
    • Sao Paulo Inter Film Festival 2009
    • Warsaw Inter Film Festival 2009
    • Branchage Inter Film Festival 2009
    • Sevilla Inter Film Festival 2009
    • San Francisco Documentary Film Festival 2009
    • Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2009
    • Dominican Republic Global Film Festival 2009
    • Aluta Film Festival, South Africa 2009
    • SOAPIFF International Film Festival, USA 2009
    • Jacksonville Film Festival, USA 2009
    • BUFF Festival, Sweden 2010
    • Doc NZ Festival 2010
    • Calgary Film Festival, Canada 2010
    • Palm Spring Film Festival, USA 2010
    • BigSky Doc Festival, USA 2010
    • SEE Film Festival, UK 2010
    • Guadalajara Film Festival, Mexico 2010
    • BAFICI Film Festival, Argentina 2010
    • Belo Horizonte Global Film Festival, Brazil 2010
    • Amnesty International Kampala 2010
    • Trinidad EU Film Festival 2010
    • CineDans Festival, Netherlands 2010
    • Discovering Latin America Film Festival, UK 2010
    • La Habana International Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema 2010

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