The Last Diva Emma

The Last Diva Emma

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GENRE: Feature Documentary


‘The Last Diva’ is a feature documentary about the last Cuban Cabaret Diva. This is a tale about the makings of a diva, one created by a time of Cabaret as well as a historical moment in the memory of a whole country and continent. This is about the myth and art that comes from the incredible 96 year old woman called Juana La Cubana. It is a story that sets out to discover the intimacy lying beneath her scenic character, which she has represented for the past 76 years.  Juana lives in Cuba and shall die in Cuba; with her, Cabaret shall also die.

Director/Producer – Rosana Matecki
She is a Venezuelan, Canadian, Polish filmmaker with a strong passion for the ancestral heritage and knowledge of traditional cultures. Rosana has dedicated her career of 18 years to the production and direction of independent documentaries with aboriginal, ethnic and social content.


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